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ZelenaLutrija (0)
Regional forum community (targeted for Former Yugoslav Republics) that discusses issues about immigration to USA, most of all through green card lottery program.
DecisionHero (0)
GODESS4 system in practice, free for all! Learn how to make a decision if you have three or more options to choose from. The decision making process is easy, and the decision is entirely yours. Be a DecisionHero!
PhoenixDecisions (0)
Connect your web site to GODESS4 system via XML so your clients can choose among your products the one that suits their needs. (Limit of 30,000 decisions per month applies.)
General-purpose Online DEcision Support System is a fourth reincarnation of a software that helps you reach a goal (make a decision) based entirely on your input - so the decision IS yours, just backed up with heavy math. The decision making process is easy and quick; it is organized much like a survey.