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Announcements » VUXYS - VUK Systems Released!

The Decision Support System is now being tested by experts in this field, and will be released to general public (Public Beta stage) free of charge as soon as it is ensured that it performs accurate calculations.

The new web site is now online. As we continue to roll out new features, we have decided to make a basic engine available online for Decision Support Systems and usability experts. Together, we will do our best to thoroughly test the system for possible errors in decision calculations. Also, we will conduct usability tests with our current users and will attempt to locate any improvements that might be imposed.

During the Closed Beta stage, we will try to introduce (and polish out) all resource/help pages to educate all potential users. Soon, we will publish some common demo goals that should be self-explanatory. That way, introduction period might be shortened, and potential users should be able to see how the system works without even registering for a free account on this web site.

For areas that will not be available at the beginning (or will be available only with premium packages), we will try to produce meaningful screenshots and descriptions wherever possible.

Closed Beta stage should last for about two months. As soon as it is ensured that the system performs accurate calculations and produces bug-free reports, the project will enter a Public Beta stage that will be available for general public free of charge.

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